The Willows at Brandow's Point

Athens, Greene County
New York

The Willows is a historic farmhouse built around 1788 and listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places as the William Brandow House.  It is a relatively large home for the period and is built in the Hudson Valley Dutch Georgian style. The ravages of time and freeze/thaw cycles had taken their toll on the old stone laid foundation. Cassella Construction was awarded the work of restoring a section of the deteriorated wall. Once our shoring was in place we proceeded to dismantle the wall and bulkhead entry. We re-laid the original stone plumb and true, adding interior steel re-enforcement. The existing brick for the bulkhead risers were deteriorated and missing, so we provided and laid up new brick for the stairwell entry. As seen in the photo above, the interior view of the completed wall and bulkhead steps.


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