The Tuckaway Fireplace and Chimney Restoration Greene County

Tannersville, Greene County
New York

The Tuckaway cabin was undergoing major renovations. Cassella Construction Corporation got the work for the masonry restoration of the chimney and fireplace. All masonry jooints wre chipped out and cleaned, then a fresh mix of Portland was used for tuckpointing. Previous renovations to the fireplace facing were removed and rebuilt to original construction. After removals, a new arch was formed and stones were reset in fresh Portland mix. New stones for the hearth (which was cracked) were located on the property, sized, cut, and set.

The exterior chimney was also of stone construction, and the masonry joints were deteriorated. We chipped them out and tuckpointed with fresh Portland mix. As seen in the photo above, arch and stonework relaid.

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